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Spring canoeing adventure trip

The up coming trip on the Aroostook river and Allagash river are going to be amazing. The pictures will be up as soon as possible, after the trip. It’s crazy what you can do with a mobile phone these days I have tthe ability to update or post on it as long as i’m still in cell range,which i believe that I will be for a good majority of the trip, unfortunately I can not upload pictures unless they are taken with the phone, but I’ve gotten myself a GoPro Hero 2 for this trip. I hear the the GoPro is the best outdoor camera for the differnt kinds of adventures I have done and want to do in the future. I have had a few operating problem with the GoPro but believe that I have them all figured out.

We set out on the Aroostook river on tuesday May 7th preperations for the trip are nearly complete.



I got the idea today from my friend Topher at   that I should write a post about what gear I am bringing on this canoe expedition and why I am bringing these items.

The first item I was looking at packing was my sleeping gear.  My first thought was to bring a tent, which needs a lot of space and seems like a waste of what little energy I may have left after a long day of paddling and poling the river in a canoe all day.  My second thought, and what I inevitably decided on, was to get a hammock because it can be small light weight and does not need much space to setup. My hammock is a skeeter beeter, I love having the bug net on it so that the bugs don’t tear me up at night. My sleeping bag is a Coleman 0 degree bag which is nice but I would rate it more like a 30 degree bag because I still get kind of cold at 30 degrees.  I also carry a wool blanket which you can pick up for cheap at an army surplus store. The wool blanket comes in handy, its warm, probably one of the heaviest items in my bag but I can put it under me to help me stay warmer in my hammock.  I bought a campers axe which I bought at Estwing, the axe is nice light weight, solid steel, and fairly inexpensive.  The idea behind this axe seems awesome but the blade is thin and chips easily it is also not very good at splitting wood after you cut a fairly sized tree down. I am still in the process of looking for a good bushman’s axe, I’ve been thinking of looking for an old forestry axe.  I looked for a long time to find a knife that fits me. My personal preference is a full tang knife with a good sturdy blade, but if you are looking for a good inexpensive knife, carbon steel mora knives are great and hold a very good edge, but are not full tang. My Backpack is a 60l internal frame backpack by Columbus. Love this pack its light and fits my back very well. The last remaining items in my pack is toilet paper(because leave aren’t that soft), a first aid kit(for the best first aid kit build it yourself with everything you need), an oil skin jacket (it’s a windbreaker and a poncho), a wide brim oil skin canvas hat(wide brim is the way to go when out in the sun all day, I also like that it too is waterproof like my oil skin jacket), toiletries( toothbrush, toothpaste, I like to have dental picks, finger nail clippers), and a variety of cloths (swim suit, shorts, shirts, light long-sleeve shirt, a pair of pants, socks and underwear). When it comes to cookware I use the zebra pot, this pot I have had for a long time it’s very durable and come in three(3) different sizes, I personally have the largest one but the mid or small would be good for a single person


Packing for Spring Expedition

Welcome to my first post. There will be many more post in the near future. Leaving in a few days for a month long canoe trip in maine camping along the river the whole time; this should be fun.

Arrived at the camp in northern Maine. The plan right now is to set off on the river either monday or tuesday. I have a couple days to chill before we head out on the waters.