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A life was taken in the name of survival

the next three days we stayed in one place in order to slaughter an animal and eat a bunch of fat and organs. Also I worked on dry tanning the sheep hide. It was an interesting time I felt conflicted about the taking of the life with my hands. Truthfully killing something from a distance or in a trap or just seeing an animal dead is sad but killing it with your bare hand is a very personal and difficult thing to do.

first day of this process

Day two. Worked on making food from the sheep all day.

day 3 was finishing the dry tanning of the hide


Utah 2013

Utah day 9

bed for tonight

Utah gear list

bed for tonight

My gear for the hike in Utah desert was basic.

a wool blanket

wool long john

wool sweater

wool socks

wool sock liners

one stocking cap

one shemagh

a bandanna

pair of boots (none water proof)

50′ para cord

seat belt strap

one long sleeve cotton button down shirt


one wide brim hat

one pair of shorts

one pair of pants

one adjustable belt

one knife (none serrated)

2 (40oz) water bottles

2 water purification bottles (aquamira)

Biodegradable soap (Dr. Bronners)

First Aid kit



Utah 2013 day 7

Guide test 2013

I’m testing to be a Registered Guide today (8-20-2013). I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous about the exam, But I feel prepared and knowledgeable about safety procedures, boating laws, and how to navigate using a map and compass. The test has to be finished in one (1) hour. It is a three (3) part test. Part one (1) lost person or injured person basically what steps I would take to find or help that person. Part two (2) is the map and compass section, in order to pass I have to be able to read a map what the different colors mean, what the different lines mean, how to find a bearing, reverse azimuth, magnetic north and true north. The third and final part is boating laws and safety procedures on the water. So true.


awesome4 Not sure if I should have this photo on here but I laughed when I saw it.

Utah 2013 Day 5 and day 6

Day 5 had up’s and down’s. Day 6 was an easy hike.

On the up side we were each given 5 days worth of food. On the down side my knife broke.

Utah 2013 Day 4

Day 4- About 90 hours without food.

Utah 2013 Day 3