Ice Climbing adventure and amazing dog sled

Today was my favorite day of the trip. 7 am I was pickup by a ice climbing guide. A half hour drive brought us to this 90 meter waterfall. I looked at this waterfall with a little intimidation. My first couple climbs only went about half way up. It took me a few hours to get use to pick placement. Without good pick placement the ice would break when you put your weight on your pick. The weather was nice little wind and about 5 degrees but even at that temperature I was out there taking clothes off. I was sweating like crazy from all the climbing. After 6 hours of climbing I met up with my family for a dog sled trip while this sounds fun, don’t get me wrong it was but i was soaked in sweat from the climb. Wet and cold don’t mix well. ┬áStill this was an amazing experience.

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