Day 23+24 tention





utah 2013 476 We are all on the food chain.

The next two days we left the river and continued to head south. There was little water that we came across but came across several mountain lion tracks. We are almost done and on our way back to where we set off from tensions are high in the group and while I know it is wrong the group has split in two because of the different mind sets, navigation abilities, and the pace we want to walk. Even though we are in two different groups now I still keep in contact with the other guys by blowing my whistle once every 20-30 minutes and wait for a response.


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Nice easy day 23

After yesterdays heart racing day this day was calm nice hike and view up and over a mountain.

an exciting 22nd day

Today started as a nice blue skied day and was following the river.  Around noon clouds started to build in the sky and then thunder was heard in the distance. I was told that in the dessert that even if it is not raining where you are a flash flood could come out of no where. After hearing the thunder we as a group decided to get to higher ground just in case. Then out of no where, maybe 5 minutes after getting out of the river the river started to rise and then moments later it went from a none moving ankle deep river to a raging few feet deep river. Then a storm came over us and lightning was cracking all around; so close in fact that you could not even count to one when the thunder sounded. It was a scary and exciting situation, but the beauty of it all was mind blowing.

Solo days

For about 6 days I was alone. It was an interesting time even though I did poor math on how to distribute my food across 6 days and ran out on day 4. While I was alone I did a lot of talking with my self and the animals that came to visit me. I once heard that animals can feel how you are feeling and if you are a good person or a bad person by the vibe you give off. Over the course of 6 day the animals got yous to me being there and came to visit me often during the day and became less scared of me, but after the night with no sleep I was irritable and the animals could sense it because I had almost no visitor for almost the whole day. That was my first truly lonely day. You may not think that being alone for 6 day is hard but the truth is, it is. Humans are social creatures by nature and everything we do everyday all day is connect with other people. We also in today’s society have ways of occupying our minds with t.v. movies, games, texting, and so on, but when you take all those social connections and mind occupying things away you really dig deep into your self and find out things that you may not have known or something you have been denying about yourself. I believe every one should try a solo. Its good for the mind.

Utah 7-30


beautiful hike and start of my solo adventure

Utah 7-28



It was a Beautiful day saw many amazing things this day.




Utah 7-27


This day it rained all day the first day that it rained. By the end of the day all my gear was soaked and I was tired and cold. Had to Bro heat to keep warm that night because the blankets were wet. This day won’t be forgotten any time soon.


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A life was taken in the name of survival

the next three days we stayed in one place in order to slaughter an animal and eat a bunch of fat and organs. Also I worked on dry tanning the sheep hide. It was an interesting time I felt conflicted about the taking of the life with my hands. Truthfully killing something from a distance or in a trap or just seeing an animal dead is sad but killing it with your bare hand is a very personal and difficult thing to do.

first day of this process

Day two. Worked on making food from the sheep all day.

day 3 was finishing the dry tanning of the hide


Utah 2013